Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I'm The New Guy

So, I'm the new guy coming into the radio station as the Program Director. I've been in Radio broadcasting since I was 17 years old and I have a great staff to work with. I had my first day on the air today... I'm working on air afternoons 2pm-6pm. I feel like I did a decent show considering I haven't been on air for two years.

The station owners have a dog, she's named Coco... and I think I have a new best friend already. I was sitting in the GM's office this morning snacking on some Quaker rice snacks and broke off a piece for Coco... then another.

The station's right downtown and every once in a while Coco needs to be taken out for a walk so I volunteered to take her out to do her "business". She did good and when we were on our way back to the station there were a couple of guys out in front of the local print shop calling me and Coco over to them. Turns out that one of the guys, Joe often give Coco a Milk Bone treat. So, after the treat we walked across the street to the station and I did my first show on the station starting at 2pm.

It was fun... the station plays "Solid Gold Oldies". The first song I played was Doors, Love Her Madly. This should be a fun ride. L8R.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Sunny Days And Mondays

My family came to visit today. Mom, my Aunt (her sister) and my mom's companion, Nick. My mom was happy to help me cook up some meals to last me through the week while I'm on the road starting my new job. We made a nice rice, vegetable and ground turkey dish for my dinners while I'm staying with Keith in Olympia. Also pre-packaged in zip lock bags servings of rice snacks, tortilla chips, cereal and such so I wouldn't be caught unprepared.

Starting my new job tomorrow in Shelton and staying with Keith in Olympia during the week cuts my commute in half.