Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I'm The New Guy

So, I'm the new guy coming into the radio station as the Program Director. I've been in Radio broadcasting since I was 17 years old and I have a great staff to work with. I had my first day on the air today... I'm working on air afternoons 2pm-6pm. I feel like I did a decent show considering I haven't been on air for two years.

The station owners have a dog, she's named Coco... and I think I have a new best friend already. I was sitting in the GM's office this morning snacking on some Quaker rice snacks and broke off a piece for Coco... then another.

The station's right downtown and every once in a while Coco needs to be taken out for a walk so I volunteered to take her out to do her "business". She did good and when we were on our way back to the station there were a couple of guys out in front of the local print shop calling me and Coco over to them. Turns out that one of the guys, Joe often give Coco a Milk Bone treat. So, after the treat we walked across the street to the station and I did my first show on the station starting at 2pm.

It was fun... the station plays "Solid Gold Oldies". The first song I played was Doors, Love Her Madly. This should be a fun ride. L8R.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Sunny Days And Mondays

My family came to visit today. Mom, my Aunt (her sister) and my mom's companion, Nick. My mom was happy to help me cook up some meals to last me through the week while I'm on the road starting my new job. We made a nice rice, vegetable and ground turkey dish for my dinners while I'm staying with Keith in Olympia. Also pre-packaged in zip lock bags servings of rice snacks, tortilla chips, cereal and such so I wouldn't be caught unprepared.

Starting my new job tomorrow in Shelton and staying with Keith in Olympia during the week cuts my commute in half.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

No Labor Today

Pretty much a slug all day today. I sprung up from a nap at 5:10 this afternoon to realize the pharmacy where I get my prescriptions would not be open tomorrow Labor Day. Called the pharmacy and asked about their hours and found out they close at 6pm. The lady said that she couldn't promise anything but would try to get them filled for me. Amazingly when I got there at 10 to 6pm my 'scripts were ready. Shopped for groceries after that and came home to be a slug for the rest of the eve. Watched "Casino" (the movie) on UHD and am now going nighty night. Later.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Lava Jive

Today marked yet another trip out to Shelton (50 minute drive) in search of a decent place to live since I start work there this coming Tuesday. I picked up Harper in Olympia, which is about the halfway point and we drove out together. Looked at a duplex which is on the property of the home owner. In fact the duplex is attached to their home and although it's very nice, modern and clean with a great view of the South Puget Sound... sadly, it's too small.

While we were there I was taking measurements and a few pics and as it turns out there's no way I could fit my king size bed in the bedroom, let alone my bedroom set with dresser and night tables. The upside is that the owners are really cool and I hope to see them around town once I move there. They're into karaoke and they tell me they often host karaoke parties at their home. So, after Harper and I looked at the place we hooked up with our boss for lunch at the Ritz... yes, the joint is actually named the Ritz. Burger and teriyaki place. Nice, nice people that own and run it.

You're wondering about the Lava Lamp? Yeah... well after Harper and I got back to Olympia we went to the Capital Mall to find a leather cover for my new cell phone and to walk around a little and check out the scenery. Well, no visit to the Capital Mall is complete for me without a visit to Spencer's. Upon trying on various sunglasses and hats and such, I decided since I've never owned a Lava Lamp I wasn't going to leave the store without one. I'm sitting on the couch now watching COPS and spacing out to my Lava Lamp. Goodnight.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Friday State Of Mind

Friday night. Back to Shelton once again to look for a place to live. I may have found a nice rental on a dead end street to where there's no constant run of traffic. Here's a pic of the house I'm hoping to get.
But prior to looking at this house I went to a place in a private community on Island Lake Drive where there's a lake for the community members. Not really my style since there's a Mother In Law House in which this guy named Gordon lives. My first encounter with Gordon entailed his dog, Barney running toward me and jumping up on me. Not cool. I know I'll catch shit from my friend Tiffany about the dog thing... but, unwelcome "jumping on" by strange dogs is not my thing. Anywho the house, as you can see below is very cool, but there are no laundry hookups in the actual house however, they ARE in a common area shared by Gordo and the occupant of the lake house. In short, my Realty Agent Melissa showed me the place, then turned me on to the yellow house pictured above.
Almost hated to pass on the lake pad, but it just didn't feel right. Nice looking place but I passed when Melissa told me she had the other rental that I might want to look at. It's Seahawks on the TV against my team... THE OAKLAND RAIDERS... THE MOST WINNING TEAM IN MAJOR LEAGUE SPORTS HISTORY. Anywho... I'm watching the game here in Olympia with Keithie baby and his girlfriend Lisa... pictured below. Good night and God Speed.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Get A Job... Sha Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na

I went to Shelton yesterday after my client meetings. The boss and I made a quick stop at The Martini Bar at Steven's Restaurant in downtown Shelton. Then it was on to Olympia for a visit with my best friend Keith. Hung out for a quick drink and a bite to eat. Sleep now. Bye.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Who Says You Can't Go Home?

I was fortunate enough to have Birthday Dinner with my Mother and Nick last night. Spent the night at Mom's on the coast of WA. Sadly, I forgot to pack my nighty-night prescription so I was up with the "big eye" around 3:30am. I was somewhat surprised to find my Mom awake as well. We hung out and watched TV including some TruTV show "Forensic Files" or something like that. We both went back to bed around 5am. Up at 7am and out the door by 9am with a trip to Starbucks and off for client meetings and commercial recordings on location for clients.

After all that, I went looking for a new house to rent. I think I've settled on one in particular. Going to bed now.