Saturday, August 30, 2008

Lava Jive

Today marked yet another trip out to Shelton (50 minute drive) in search of a decent place to live since I start work there this coming Tuesday. I picked up Harper in Olympia, which is about the halfway point and we drove out together. Looked at a duplex which is on the property of the home owner. In fact the duplex is attached to their home and although it's very nice, modern and clean with a great view of the South Puget Sound... sadly, it's too small.

While we were there I was taking measurements and a few pics and as it turns out there's no way I could fit my king size bed in the bedroom, let alone my bedroom set with dresser and night tables. The upside is that the owners are really cool and I hope to see them around town once I move there. They're into karaoke and they tell me they often host karaoke parties at their home. So, after Harper and I looked at the place we hooked up with our boss for lunch at the Ritz... yes, the joint is actually named the Ritz. Burger and teriyaki place. Nice, nice people that own and run it.

You're wondering about the Lava Lamp? Yeah... well after Harper and I got back to Olympia we went to the Capital Mall to find a leather cover for my new cell phone and to walk around a little and check out the scenery. Well, no visit to the Capital Mall is complete for me without a visit to Spencer's. Upon trying on various sunglasses and hats and such, I decided since I've never owned a Lava Lamp I wasn't going to leave the store without one. I'm sitting on the couch now watching COPS and spacing out to my Lava Lamp. Goodnight.

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EditThis said...

I love lava lamps. I'm surprised, though, that you didn't walk away from Spencers with an ice tray to make boob shaped ice or something.