Friday, August 29, 2008

Friday State Of Mind

Friday night. Back to Shelton once again to look for a place to live. I may have found a nice rental on a dead end street to where there's no constant run of traffic. Here's a pic of the house I'm hoping to get.
But prior to looking at this house I went to a place in a private community on Island Lake Drive where there's a lake for the community members. Not really my style since there's a Mother In Law House in which this guy named Gordon lives. My first encounter with Gordon entailed his dog, Barney running toward me and jumping up on me. Not cool. I know I'll catch shit from my friend Tiffany about the dog thing... but, unwelcome "jumping on" by strange dogs is not my thing. Anywho the house, as you can see below is very cool, but there are no laundry hookups in the actual house however, they ARE in a common area shared by Gordo and the occupant of the lake house. In short, my Realty Agent Melissa showed me the place, then turned me on to the yellow house pictured above.
Almost hated to pass on the lake pad, but it just didn't feel right. Nice looking place but I passed when Melissa told me she had the other rental that I might want to look at. It's Seahawks on the TV against my team... THE OAKLAND RAIDERS... THE MOST WINNING TEAM IN MAJOR LEAGUE SPORTS HISTORY. Anywho... I'm watching the game here in Olympia with Keithie baby and his girlfriend Lisa... pictured below. Good night and God Speed.

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EditThis said...

Go for the yellow house. Gordo sounds creepy.